Critical Factors for Long-term Sustainability.

Frontier recognizes the critical role and responsibility we have to our customers, employees, communities and investors. We practice responsible stewardship to achieve operational excellence in our business.

Frontier is committed to support our customers’ efforts toward reducing their carbon footprint.

Best Practices

Our dedication to environmental, social & governance (ESG) issues ensures these important factors are incorporated at all levels and with the following business practices:

Planning, Engineering & Design

  • Focus on mitigation of vapor emissions
  • Minimization of truck usage
  • Pipeline integrity with structural redundancies
  • Impact assessments conducted to identify key focus areas

Construction & Project Execution

  • Robust welding controls and inspectors
  • Critical physical coatings and cathodic protection
  • Proactive water management
  • Refurbishment and replanting of native biodiversity elements post-construction

Engineering & Operations Collaboration

  • Strict OSHA requirements for employees 
and contractors
  • Robust training protocols
  • Environmental, safety, and health assessments
  • Regulatory compliance