Current Projects

Alpha Crude Connector

Hart Energy's Midstream Business 2015 Project of the Year Honoree

Out latest project, the Alpha Crude Connector, is a 400-mile crude oil pipeline transmission system that cuts across the Northern Delaware Basin. This project features a nominal 100,000 barrels per day of capacity, more than 300,000 barrels of operational storage, and truck offloading facilities. The Alpha Crude Connector gives our customers freedom to flow. Our customers asked for a reliable system with the optionality to get barrels off of trucks, receive barrels at the lease tank battery and provide producers with access to downstream markets, and that's what we delivered.

Alpha Crude Connector Map

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You could say it's all in the numbers. The Alpha Crude Connector offers four downstream pipeline options, two regional refineries, and one rail system and is designed to provide optionality, reliability, competitive pricing, and timing advantage. In short, it's built to make energy work harder for producers.

We look at the Alpha Crude Connector as much more than a crude oil takeaway pipeline – it is a huge gathering system blanketing the Northern Delaware Basin and designed for expansion through additional capacity, laterals, and downstream pipeline outlets.

Sure, this aggressive project hasn't been without challenges. For more than 18 months we worked with the Bureau of Land Management and a dozen other agencies to address environmental sensitivities and regulations. Beyond just protecting wildlife habitats and endangered species, we worked to safeguard the cultural, visual, and recreational heritage of the proud New Mexico and Texas residents.

But that's right in line with our own heritage of projects that make energy work for our customers and investors.